Rentals – FAQs & Rental Policies – Cook Party Rentals

When should I reserve my equipment?

We recommend that you place your order as early as possible prior to your event. Quantities are limited, and availability is on a first come first served basis. This is especially important during holiday times and during the busy summer months. We will always however, try our best to accommodate your last minute needs. We’re here to make your event successful.


How do I make a reservation?

You are welcome to visit to our facility and see our inventory in person. If this is not feasible, call us on the telephone for service. You may ask for a written quote, however a reservation is CONFIRMED when a valid credit card has been received. Reservations are accepted by telephone / fax using a major credit card issued to the renter. Customers with prearranged ‘house charge’ privileges may provide a signed reservation form or written purchase order to confirm a reservation. Please be sure of your rental needs and event dates. In order for us to reliably honor all customer requests, reservation deposits are not refundable(which in most cases is 50%). Reasonable adjustments (not full cancellations) to your order are certainly accepted. Your reservation deposit may be applied to your rental charges upon the ‘opening’ of your rental contract. For additional details, please feel free to discuss our policies with your rental representative.


Can I confirm my order?

Yes, please call Cook Party Rentals at
Peoria 309-676-5544
Bloomington 309-828-4000
Springfield 217-615-4774
Champaign 217-615-4774
Decatur 217-615-4774
Ottawa/Peru 815-220-5226
Quad Cities 309-314-5404


Do you deliver?

Yes we do. We have one of the largest delivery fleets among rental companies in the Midwest. Our uniformed crews serve Central Illinois on a daily basis. We also serve national clients as well. Fees for delivery service are based upon location and specific services requested. Seasonal minimums may apply. Ask your rental representative for details.


Can I pick up and return my order myself?

Yes! Our convenient facility and time tested procedures make this a great way to go. Please allow time to inspect and count your order. Save money by returning on time. Returns are due before noon on the next open day following your event. We’ll be happy assist you in loading and unloading your equipment. However due to insurance regulations, our personnel cannot enter or climb on your vehicle. Please bring rope or bungees with you when picking up in order for you to secure your load. Please also bring a vehicle that will accommodate your order…(Truck/Van/Trailer)


What are your hours for delivery and pick up?

You may specify morning (8am-noon) or afternoon (noon-5pm) service and we will do our best to accommodate you. You are welcome to call us the morning of service and we will do our best to provide you with a more accurate time range for your stop. We also try to give each customer an hour notice before arrival. On any given day we have several trucks on the road to service our customers. Each truck may make several stops. Sometimes due to unforseen circumstances, a driver may be detained at one location, which unfortunately delays the rest of the routed stops. It is best to have us deliver your order the day before your event. There will be no additional rental charges incurred. If timing is critical, we can arrange ‘Time Specific’ service.


Can I specify a delivery / pick up time?

Absolutely. For some events, a ‘Time Specific’, ‘Off Hours’ or ‘Same Day’ delivery / pick up may be necessary. We’re happy to accommodate your special requests for a nominal additional fee. Please make these arrangements as early as possible before your event.


What services should I expect when the truck arrives?

Standard delivery service includes unloading and neatly stacking equipment on the dock, in the garage or any another mutually convenient place within a reasonable distance of our truck. Equipment should be returned and stacked in the same location for our crew to pick up following your event. Our rates do not include carrying of equipment up or down stairs, or more than 50 feet from our truck. If necessary, ‘Special Service’ arrangements can be made in advance of for a nominal fee. We will be happy to accommodate your special needs. Please allow time to inspect and count all equipment upon delivery, and to verify our counts upon pick up. Discrepancies must be addressed at the time of service. Unless you are a ‘Charge’ customer, the balance of rental charges and deposit if applicable is expected upon delivery of your order.


Does Cook Party Rentals set up and take down the rental equipment?

Some items, such as tents, staging, flooring etc. require professional set up. This service is included in the rental rate. Full service set up and take down of other items, such as tables and chairs are available at a nominal additional charge. These arrangements must be made before your scheduled service.


What if I would like to add or reduce my order once it has been delivered?

You may pick up additional equipment from us, or if time allows it, we will make another delivery to your location for an additional delivery charge plus a rush charge if applicable. Our trucks usually leave for their routes early in the morning, and are loaded usually 3 days in advance. Once equipment has left our warehouse or loaded on our truck to be delivered to you, we unfortunately cannot reduce or cancel the rental charges.


Should I have my event site inspected?

Site inspections are an integral part of the planning process for your event.  The purpose of the site inspection is to ensure the safety of our crew and the renter.  When performing a site inspection, our staff will check the location of where the tent will be going to determine the correct size of the tent and the type of ground the tent will be setup on.  Our staff will also check for any objects overhead that may interfere with the erection of the tent.  Site inspections play an important role, in preparation, for the event to run smoothly. Site inspections generally incur a nominal fee.


What do I do if something is missing or breaks?

We insist that you inspect and count all rental items when received to ensure that everything that is stated on the contract is in good order. Any discrepancies should be reported to our office immediately and we will try to correct the problem or adjust your contract prior to your event. Please do not wait until after your event to report any discrepancies. You are responsible for the security of our equipment while in your possession. Please make sure that all items are in a secure location and protected from the weather. Missing and broken items are billed at replacement value and these charges are payable upon ‘closing’ of your order. If items are found after this time, we will promptly issue you a refund.


Regarding prices, what is a ‘rental period’?

Most items are rented for use during a single day event. A rental period for most party items usually includes two nights out. For example: If you pick up your order on Wednesday, it is due to be returned to us on Friday before noon. If you pick up your order on Friday in the winter, it is due to be returned to us on Monday before noon. If you pick up your order on a Friday in the summer, it is due to be returned to us on Sunday before noon. If we have delivered your order to you, the rental period for a one day charge ends upon our pick up of the order. For policies regarding the rental period for MULTIPLE DAY EVENTS and for items that are rented on a weekly or monthly basis, consult with your rental representative. Generous extended term rates are available for most items, but ONLY when arranged in advance of the rental period.


Do I have to clean my equipment before returning it?

Yes. For most items, all that we ask is that you return equipment in the same condition as you received it. Linen just needs to be dry, shaken out and placed in the return bag provided. Food service items must be well rinsed and free of any food, oils or beverage residue. Tables must be free of staples etc. Cleaning charges are at least 50% of the daily rental rate and are payable upon return. Please ask your rental representative any questions that you may have regarding our cleaning policy.


Can We Install Tents on Pavement, and what is the process of how holes are drilled and repaired?

The proper method of securing tents is by staking the tent into the surface. Different style stakes are used for different types of surfaces. Cook Party Rentals primarily uses sharp, 24″- 42″ long, 1″ diameter, double-headed steel stakes. We drill and drive a one inch round hole into the pavement exactly where the stake needs to be. This will usually penetrate asphalt, soil and clay etc. After the event is over the stakes are removed with a special device called a stake puller. Then we fill in the hole with blacktop and / or a specially formulated asphalt plug that stays right in the hole. Cold weather won’t crack it, hot weather won’t melt it. We do our very best to return your drive or parking lot to the original quality of the asphalt.